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Welcome to Central Auto Center, your number one source in Naples for high quality Auto Repair. Established in 2014, Central Auto Center has quickly made their vision of an honest, affordable and locally run repair shop a reality. Central Auto is dedicated to providing the community with a stress-free auto repair service at a fair price.

The staff is committed to educating their clients to ensure that they feel confident with the service that they provide. They pride themselves on honesty, integrity, quality service and customer satisfaction in order to deliver the best experience for each and every client.

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160 10th St N Naples, FL 34102
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Monday to Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Saturday: 8 AM - 12 PM
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Auto Repair, Central Auto Center, Repair Shop, Mechanic, Car Repair, Car Mechanic


We do our best to take care of you and your vehicle as fast as possible, but we also do not rush our work. We study the problem and come up with long term solutions rather than a 'quick fix.'


We are a local business located in the heart of Naples at 160 10th St N Naples, FL 34102, and we are also open throughout the week Monday to Friday: 8 AM - 6 PM Saturday: 8 AM - 3 PM.


We pride ourselves on educating clients when a problem arises on their vehicle, and commit ourselves to providing the best customer service!

We install Alcolock
Auto Repair, Central Auto Center, Repair Shop, Mechanic, Car Repair, Car Mechanic

ALCOLOCK is here to get you back on the road if you need to install an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. We will provide you with the tools and expertise to guide you through your court-ordered or DMV required ignition interlock program. We make it easy for you to understand the process during these trying times and get your vehicle outfitted with an ignition interlock as soon as possible.


Auto Repair, Central Auto Center, Repair Shop, Mechanic, Car Repair, Car Mechanic
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Auto Repair, Central Auto Center, Repair Shop, Mechanic, Car Repair, Car Mechanic
we are professional

We believe that being professional with our clients means that we have to be fair and honest to help you as best as possible.

We are Customer Service Oriented

We treat each one of you that walks in through our doors with the utmost respect and treat you like family, to tackle the problems with care and consistency.


Our small group of mechanics have experience to tackle any type of project, big or small. We have over 20 years of knowledge working on your average every day car, to workers utitlity trucks.

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Auto Maintenance

Regular diagnostic & Factory scheduled Maintenance checks can save you money by performing important preventative services & identifying vehicle problems early.

Steering & Suspension Services

Keeping your steering & suspension system in the best condition dramatically affects the quality of the vehicles steering and feel.

Tire & Alignment Services

Keeping your tires properly inflated & rotating them every 6,000 Miles will maximize the lifetime of your tires & helps to maintain precise handling in all driving conditions.

Air Conditioning Services

Leaks & other damage can prevent your Air Conditioning System from working properly. Central Auto Center can perform repairs on air conditioning systems for most vehicles.

Transmission Services

The transmisssion is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, & regular preventative care will help to maintain the transmission & extend its life.

Engine Services

The engine is the life force of your vehicle; performing regular maintenance & fluid changes is important to avoid the risk of breakdowns & expensive repairs.

Brake Services

Routine Break inspections & maintenance help to ensure your vehicles brake system operates as designed at all times.

Diesel Engine Service

Each part in a diesel engine must be strong & work hard to operate; this type of engine requires different services than gas engines.

Cooling System Service

The radiator for cooling system regulate the temperature of your vehicles engine and is critical to engine performance all year round, not just during hot Florida weather!

Exhaust & Emissions Services

Keeping your exhaust system in the best condition will reduce the pollution your vehicle sends into the air & help protect the Environment.

Electrical System Services

Central Auto Center will inspect your battery, starter alternator, & ignition to ensure they are properly maintained, we will also make repairs & replacements when necessary.

Drivetrain Services

The drivetrain system generates power to the drive wheels, servicing this system regularly will help to maintain precision vehicle handling in all driving conditions.

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Ruben Bedoya Jr.

Owner / Service Technician

Ruben Bedoya Sr.

Owner / Master Technician

Gloria Bedoya

Alcolock Specialist

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